Morris sample TKAM research letter project

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Morris sample TKAM research letter project

Chicago to New York

Mommas gotten even worse about doing the chores, gotta do em’ all day now, even the wood box (Ganzel)! Our chickens are lookin’ mighty fine. Em’ eggs are getting us enough money to scrape by. Momma can’t even make her jam anymore, glass jars are goin’ up in price every day and people just don’t like jam that much. I’m scared that we’re gonna get our house taken away, like all those people in the Hoovervilles did. I won’t be able to survive that, I just know I can’t. Since money is so tight, she keeps saying “repair, reuse, and make do, and don’t throw anything away” (Ganzel). Every time I try to fight with her that I need new clothes she tells me how some children didn’t even have shoes or warm clothes for the winter (Ganzel). This made me feel so bad that I wanted to give all my clothes away, and you know how much my clothes mean to me. Can you just imagine kids barefoot during these harsh winters? Do they got any games up there that we don’t? I mean we do only have Monopoly and that’s getting boring without having someone to play with (Ganzel). The Chicago’s World Fair is supposed to open next year I heard (“1933 Chicago’s World Fair”). Please, tell me you’re gonna be back by then? Momma won’t let me go by myself and I sure can’t make it into the city alone. I’ll even buy you the Spam that you like; we can pick it up in the market next to the city entrance (Ganzel). And to top it all off we can listen to all the comedy you want on the radio. It’ll be like old times when we would just listen to it and forget about all the things we had to do and the stress of Momma and Dad. (Ganzel).

My life hasn’t been the same ever since you left. I know you had to, jobs are better up in New York, but things aren’t the same around here anymore. I need my big brother. When things get rough with momma I don’t have anyone to share my anger with. The hours seem longer and now I don’t have anyone to beat in Monopoly (Ganzel).I walk around town and hum to myself “Brother Can You spare a Dime?” witnessing all of the soup kitchens and folks standing in line waiting for handouts (Vallee). Hoovervilles are even worse since you left. It seems like thousands of people are living there now (“Hoovervilles”). Ever since Black Thursday hit, seems like more and more people are moving into the city. Now we don’t even have more than twenty families in this sad excuse of a town (Maurer).


Dear brother George ...

Changing Times

Empathy for your neighbors. Walk in their shoes...

My school’s threatening to charge us money to go, momma’s been stressing about it for weeks (Maurer). What would happen if I had to leave? I don’t wanna be one of em’ kids who drop out and become someone who’s a nobody. I even heard that some kid’s life savings were taken by the bank (Maurer)! No wonder more than half my school ain’t even going to class anymore (Maurer). My school’s so poor nowadays that we only have one teacher. Teachers be getting dropped like flies (Maurer). These kids in my class kept talking about that movie you liked… What was it? King Kong (Cooper)? Everybody’s talkin’ about it, I don’t know how people can stand to watch that. All I remembered is that you dragged me to watch it right when it came out and you even had me use my Lincoln on that movie. Never again will I tell you when I find more money layin’ around the streets. Even worse was that time you forced me to watch Public Enemy with all the violence, I had my eyes covered the whole time (Dirks). I could’ve watched Shirley Temple like every other girl in my class and listen to her sing “The Good Ship Lollipop,” but instead I had to watch Public Enemy (Pak).

Hope you’re taking care of yourself in New York. I countdown the days until you come back home. Hope you're making me proud brother. Momma says she misses you like always, but nothing like I do. Come back home soon or at least in time for the World’s fair. Love always, Virginia (Ginny)

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