Morpheus God of Dreams

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Morpheus God of Dreams

Morpheus Morpheus

Parents of Morpheus was Hypnos and Pasithea

Names: Greek: MorpheusRoman: Somnia

Took the appearance of a human. In dreams though he could change to anything he desired to be.

Powers:He could form and shape dreams. Morpheus could change form in any one of a humans dream. His name “morphe” means form

Main symbols: Poppies and wings. They symbolized that poppy gardens surrounded the entrance of the underworld. And also that poppies symbolized death. Wings meaning freedom.

Changing someone's dream

Changing someone's dream in there sleep

Once there was a happy couple in love with eachother. They were Ceyx and Alcyone. Although they were very happy Ceyx had troubles. He was about to go on a very long journey across sea. When Alcyone heard about these plans she tried to warned Ceyx about the strong winds. He didnt listen though. So he went off, but later that night a huge storm came to wash up Ceyx and his crew. Alcyone did not know though, as she was waiting for his arrival. But when Juno, god of Jupiter ,hears her pray every night for him to be safe he knows that she should know what happened. So Juno called Morpheus to make a dream to show Alcyone Ceyx's fate. Since Morpheus can transform into anything he transformed into a drowned Ceyx, knowing that Ceyx died in sea. Thats when Alcyone wakes up from her dreamand knows that her husband is dead at sea.

Slogan: Morpehus will take you to dreams you didnt even know exsisted.

Statue Of Morphues

God Of Dreams

Family: Mother:Goddess of relaxation and rest.Father: God of Sleep.Brothers: Phobetor: Scary DreamsPhantasus:fake and illusional dreamsIkelos: true dreams


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