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Social Studies

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The Five Themes

Morocco is in Africa, west of Algeria and bordering the Atlantic-Ocean. Its coordinates (the absolute location of Rabat -the capital city-) are: 34.0209°N, 6..8416°W.

Theme 1. Location

Theme 3.H.E.I.

Morocco is a sub-tropical country in north-west Africa. Linguisticly it is Arabic and religiously it is Islamic. Morocco is the only country that is not a member of the African-Union (since 1984). Morocco is a constitutional-monachy ruled by King Mohammad IV.

The main modes of transportation in Morocco are by car and by train because there are many advanced roads. Morocco is the biggest exporter of Insulated-Wire (making a yearly $2.3B). The main imports are Petrulium and Wheat.


Theme 2.Place

Theme 4.Movement

Theme 5.Region

The main livestock are cattle and sheep.

The main crops are wheat and barey.

The most mined mineral is phosphorus.

Morocco is quite cold in the winter and very warm in the summer. It has varried physical features such as the Atlantic coast line, Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert. Morocco is 99% Islam, 0.7% Christian and >0.01% Jewish.

Morocco consists of rougly 99% Berbers.

Morocco on amap.


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