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Social Studies

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Morocco password/username salisburyms

Brief History--:-in 1660, came under control of the Alawite dynasty-:-Phoenicians explored in 1000 bc-:-year 150 bc, romans added this part to their empire-:-Moulay Idriss, descendant of Prophet Mohammad, was king of Berber tribe-:-tomb of Moulay Idriss in village of Moulay Iddriss

Animals:-Dorcas gazelle -Sloughi dogs-pheasants -pigeons-woodpeckers-doves -partridges-pelicans -gulls-ducks -swans-storks -flamingos-ostriches -Genets-Fennec Foxes -Jerboas-Baboons -wild goats-Sand Vipers -Bald Ibis

Interesting Facts

Rabat, capital city

Arabic called Derija &BerberReligion of Islam

-below the Strait of Gibraltar -High Atlas mountains and Middle Atlas mountains in the middle-northwest corner of Africa-desert-large areas then plateaus -rich coastal plains-fertile plains

Natural Resources-phosphates -iron ore-manganese-lead-zinc-fish-salt

Women live to 74Men live to 70Population:32,309,239

-roughly twice the size of the UK or about the size of California- 32 00 N 5 00 W-446,550 total kilometers

-it is rude to finish eating before the host finishes-children kiss the right hand of elders to show respect

-southeastern corners extremely hot in the summer months-cool and freezing at night on the mountains-early summer months most comfortable, warm during day & cool at night


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