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GovernmentMorocco's government is a constitutional monarchy with a bicameral legislature. The leaders of Morocco are Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane and King Mohammad VI. In Morocco there are 20 political parties. There are three main political parties Incdependence party, Justice and Development party, and People's Movement party. - ...

MoroccoCapital : Rabat

This is a map of Morocco the ccapital is Rabat and it is home to 31,627,428 million people. In Morocco there are five principal languages: Arabic, Berber, French, English , and Spanish.

This is Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane he is part of the Justice and Development party. He was first brought into office on November 29, 2011. He is the incumbent.

This is King Mohammad VI he has been king since July 23,1999.

The Moroccan Supreme court (Court of Cassation) is the highest court. The judicial system in Morocco is independent of the Moroccan government.

In Morocco 99% of all people are Islamic and the other 1% are Christian.

In Morocco the literacy rate for males to females is 76/58.

Morocco has 6.1 million internet sites and hosts, and has 16.005 million cellphone users

Morocco has a liberal economy with a GDP of 171 billion and GDP per capita of 5,400.

The budget revenues of Morocco is 25.69 billion dollars and the expenditures : 16.03% of GDP.

The unemployment rate in Morocco is very high at 9.9% of people out of work.

This is the Dirham Morocco'scurrency. The exchange rate between this and the dollar is: $1 = 8.25 dirhams

Mining, textiles, and, manufacturing are the biggest industries in Morocco.

Agriculture makes up 40% of Morocco'seconomy and they produce barley, wheatcitris, wine, vegetable, olives, and livestock

Birth to death rate in Morocco is 19.25 per 1000 people to 5 deaths per 1000 people. Life expentency for a male is 70 years old for a female is 74.4 years old. 30,000 people live with HIV in Morocco and the HDI is .558

A current national problem in Morocco that affects the restof the world is recently unemployed graduates have embarked on a series of protests and some have even threatened suicide.The environmentaMorocco has is desertification and soil erosion casused by overgrazing.


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