Morning Bfast

by vpartida
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Elementary School
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Morning Bfast

Breakfast with an SEI Class

2nd grade classroom

Reason for choosing? I work at this school as an instructional Assistant. Myschedule does not have meduring the time Breakfast isserved. I had not witnessed breakfast in the classroom in my 2 years working there.

Why is it learning?It is a classroom which means their is learning. However, aftera good breakfast the brain is enriched with the nutrients that it needs to properly function.This is the place where thelight switches are turned on. Kids interact and eat.

The culture of this classroom can best be descriebed as Mexican-American/Hispanic

1.) It's an SEI classroom2.) Kids Interact with parents in Spanish3.) Kids work in an English environment

Being in an SEI class more than likely means you have some foreign roots. In this case I have seen a good amount of the kids in this class interact with their parents in Spanish. The kids are in America and they show their work through the English language. In short, they are half Mexican and half American

Hidden Curriculum: Without probably knowing, the morning proceduresare setting up expectations and teaching students to be clean.

-Students immediatly become aware of dirtyness when informed and clean up immediatly.-Girl tells boy to clean up his mess because otherwise ants will appear.-Girl helps classmate with trash to avoid spilage that would cause a mess.



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