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What: A form of Christianity (kind of) that believed there had been an ancient civilization in America that had come to the new world before Columbus. Jesus came to them after their resurrection and set out a path for them to follow. They went away from this path and their civilization collapsed. God punished them and turned their skins brown, they became Indians, but there is chance for a righteous community in America nowThey reflected a belief of human perfectibility, thought people could become god like, but did not embrace personal liberty, they created highly organized, almost militarized society. Structure of family is very important, lots of rituals. They had about 12,000 followers, most of whom had felt displaced in society also had army of over 4,000 men. Also they had obsession with genealogy and is indicative of their idiotic belief that they might reunite present generations with those of the past.

Significance: - new radical religion that had many followers. - Dscontent amongst people with existing religious sects - Extreme Piety- Economically self sustaining religious movement


When: 1830 Book of Mormon was published, 1831, community began to form, 1840s they moved to Utah. Where: New York, Missouri, Ohio, Illinois, then Utah.

Who: - Important figures were Bingham Young, Joseph SmithJoseph Smith founded the theology and was jailed and killed.- Bringham Young led them west- People that felt displaced by society generally joined this movement.

Sam Mayand Silas Wuerth



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