[2015] Alyssa Cook: Mormon Trail

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[2015] Alyssa Cook: Mormon Trail

Mormon Trail,Moving to Salt Lake City Utah

Article: On the Trail in October: A Closer Look at the Journey Westhttps://www.lds.org/ensign/1997/02/on-the-trail-in-february?lang=engBook: Journal Of Discourses #14 by: President Brigham Young his two counsellors, and The Twelve Apostles page156-157 date: 1967Book: Nauvoo by: Susan Easton black and Kim C Averett page 78 date: 1997

One of the reasons the Mormons moved was to create a new life where they could live with each other in peace.Today, many people also move to create a new life (in a way) because of a new job or family changes.

When going on the Mormon Trail there were many risks that could occur. Some of them are: serious illness and even death, starvation, have an animal attack, or have equipment problems. If you were going on the mormon trail you would need to know the risk you are taking. Many of the Mormons did not have time to prepare for these risks, because they were forced from their homes, leaving all their belongings and food behind. Although there were many risks, most people were willing to accept this for possible benefits. One of them was a new life for their families with hopes of living among people with similar beliefs and in peace. Also with hopes that this would lead to prosperity. If you are going on the mormon trail it would be important to consider these things. You take your chances that the benefits will outweigh the risks.

The Trek to Utahaka: 'Zion' From 1846-1869, over 70,000 Mormons traveled from across the world to Zion (a term used by the Mormons to describe an area (promised land) where God would guide them to). Mormon pioneers were just like other pioneers, searching for a new and different life, something possibly better than what they had. In some places Mormons were forced to leave because people didn't understand their beliefs and were very mean to them, but mostly it was because of advise of their church leaders that this place they called Zion could be found. Most pioneers experienced difficult times on their journey, including illness, injury, starvation and even death.

The Mormon Trail starts in Nauvoo Illinois and travels over 1,300 miles, through 5 states, ending in Salt Lake City Utah.Many geographic features affected their group including crossing dangerous fast flowing rivers climbing steep and slippery slopes through the Rocky Mountains and trying to avoid dehydration in the dry plains.


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