Morman War 2

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Morman War 2


As a result of the mormon war more than 10,000 mormons were stripped of their property and expelled from Missouri. Many settled in what would become the city of Nauvoo, Illinois.

The Morman War1805-1838

The Mormon War

The Mormon War began in 1805 as a conflict between the Latter Day Saints and the neighbors in the Northwestern region of the US State of Missouri. Joseph Smith was the leader of the leaders and proclaimed the northwestern region as the place where Zion would appear. The old settelers believed that this was an absured religion. Caldwell County was formed where all the the mormons were put. Eventually all mormons broke out into surrounding counties and were chased into Illnois. Here they fought a mormon maub. Governor Boggs threatened exterminated all them and eventually they all settled in Utah.


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