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Morgan Freeman Glog

Why are they famous?He is famous as he began to land big roles and win critical and popular acclaim. He is now one of Hollywood’s most respected stars.

What did they do? After high school, Morgan Freeman joined the air force to become a fighter pilot but realized it wasn’t what he’d wanted. He later became an actor for film, theater, and television.

Who is the famous African American that you chose and why?I chose Morgan Freeman as I recognize his name and know what he does, I just haven’t ever researched him at all, so I don’t know his past, awards, place of birth, the many movies he was in. .etc.

When did he/she live?Morgan Freeman lives in Charleston, Mississippi.

Why is it important to study History?It is important to study history as you can learn the past, origins, or history of a person, place, or thing you choose to study on.

4. When Morgan Freeman was in junior high, he pulled a chair out from under a girl (who he says he had a crush on). As a punishment, he was ordered to participate in the school’s drama program and discovered his love for the craft.

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How can looking and learning from the past help us in today's society?Looking and learning from the past can help us in today’s society as the past can affect the current present and future, either in small or drastic ways.

Morgan Freeman

7. He is the Co-founder of the movie production company Revelations Entertainment.

3. Upon graduating high school in 1955, Freeman turned down a partial drama scholarship and joined the U.S. Air Force.

5. Morgan Freeman’s actual dream was to become a fighter pilot, but he soon realized that he didn’t want to be shooting down other people.

6. He is the first African American actor to have been in 3 Academy Award Best Picture winners.

1. Morgan Freeman was born June 1st, 1937, he is currently 78 years old.

2. Morgan Freeman was born in Memphis, Tennessee and currently lives in Charleston, Mississippi.


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