More than a Birthday

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More than a Birthday

More Than A Birthday

How it Started...The Children, The Story,The Organization, and A Boda

30 Days; 30 Friends; Giving $30

A Gathering of 30!

This year I turn 30! A birthday that can involve big parties, games, and fun.However, I am in China! I have a roof over my head, food in my belly, and wonderful friends...What more do I need? Nothing!So I'm giving this big birthday.... to Another: Children of Peace Uganda.I previously worked with COP in 2014And in connecting with this organizationI found out that they have a need.They need a boda, basically motorcycle like transportation So that the volunteer counselors can travelthe 53ish Km to the children that they work with.So, my goal is for these next 30 days... August 31st - to my Birthday September 29th,Is to have more than a birthdayTo gather 30 friends...To each give $30...To raise big chuck the funds COP needs to purchase this boda To bless this Organization that is giving back and working with former Children soldiers, Orphans, and their community in Uganda.

Birthday Fundraiser: August 31st - September 29th

Find Out how I first met Children of Peace Uganda in 2014

Mama Jane- Founder of Children of Peace Uganda

Next Step...

1. Donate Directly To COP Here2. If you've joined this "Gathering of 30", please allow me to send you a Postcard of Thanks by filling out this private survey: Here3. Pass the Word#GatheringOf30

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