More on the Yukon

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More on the Yukon

More on the Yukon

Yukon holds the record for the coldest temperature ever recorded in Canada (-63°C). Watch this video to find out more about winter in the Yukon.

Mining is still important. Watch this video on gold mining in the Yukon. What do you feel as you watch this video?

Mount Logan in the Yukon is the highest mountain in Canada. This mountain is named after Sir William Logan.

Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Sir William Logan was a famous geologist. A geologist studies the earth. He was born in Montreal in 1798. Logan started the Geological Survey of Canada. He was a great scientist.

Geological Survey of Canada

The Geological Survey of Canada made maps of Canada.Sir William Logan and his men went across Canada making these maps. They travelled by boat and stayed in tents. You can see how wild the country is and how few people there are.Below is a picture Logan made of a tent he stayed in.

A map from the Geological Survey of Canada. People did not know what Canada looked like. Canada was big. Not many people lived in Canada. Logan's survey helped people know more about Canada.

Canadian Museum of History





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