Moonshine, Bootlegging and the Roarin' 20's

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Social Studies
American History

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Moonshine, Bootlegging and the Roarin' 20's

Buckets of mash

- Alcohol was such an important part of everyday life in America. Since people weren’t willing to give up that social norm so they started to make their own alcohol.- People needed workers to transport their alcohol. That was the birth of the bootlegger.- During Prohibition, the moonshine industry started to boom because everybody wanted alcohol. Since moonshine tasted better then other illegal drinks as a result moonshine became very popular in speakeasies and houses.


- Moonshine is a high proof liquor. The mash is the ingredients of the 'shine that are all mixed together. The mash is made of corn or fruits such as strawberries and cherries. The mash then needs to ferment before it goes into the still for the distillation. Distillation is the process when the alcohol, made by fermentation, evaporates and then condensates into alcohol. Then it is sold by the jar out of cars or houses. Some bootleggers deliver door to door and some meet with their cilent at a neutral site.

This shows you the process a batch of moonshine goes through in a still

Moonshine, Bootlegging, and the Roarin' 20'sbyFletcher Brownp. 7/8


The Jar

This is a picture of a jar of moonshine. Moonshine is also called hooch and white lighting.

Bootleggers worked for gansters like Al Capone

This is a picture of the policemaking people pour out illegal booze

Moonshine is transportedin a glass jar with a twist off lid.

This landscape in the Appalachian Mountains would be a perfect place to make moonshine but to make moonshine you need to have a water source


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