Moons Tides

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Moons Tides

ESS.10.8.3Relate the effects of the moon's gravitational force on the Earth's ocean tides.

A tide is a body of water that starts in the ocean and moves toward the coastline.

Gravitational forces from both the sun and the moon pull on the Earth.The moon's gravity is the dominant force behind the tides created.

The force of the moon's gravitational pull creates "bulges" in the ocean on both sides of the planet. The moon pulls water toward it, and this causes the bulge toward the moon. The bulge on the other side of the Earth opposite the moon is caused by the moon "pulling the Earth away" from the water on that side.

Neap tides occur during the quarter phases of the moon. They are a much smaller, weaker tide. Spring tides occur during the full and new moon. The gravitational pull of the moon and sun are combined to create very high tides and very low tides.


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