Moon Phases

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Moon Phases

You can make the phases of the moon at your own home! All you need is oreos and a paper clip. 1. Take aprt 8 oreos.2. Carve each moon phase with your paper clip.3.Put them in order.

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Phases of the Moon

Moon Phase RapYou see it in the sky, most nights. Moon lookin so fine, so bright. Uh, but it doesn’t make its own light. You can see it because it reflects the sun’s light.It don’t really ever look the same. 8 different phases and they all have names. If you wanna know why then listen. It depends on the moon’s position.Relative to the Earth, this is how it works, New Moon, is where we start first. When the moon between the Earth and Sun. Look in the sky and you see none of it lit, But if you wait a bit, you slowly begin to see more of it..

Phases of the Moon Rap

Try it At Home!

Can you name all the moon phases?

Lunar Cycles

The Moon orbits the Earth.

Ancient civilizations depended on the Moon's cycles to determine their days, weeks, months, and religious observances.

The phases repeat every 29.5 days.



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