Moon Phases

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Moon Phases

A blue moon is when there are two full moons in a month. Oddly, this is possible because the moon's cycle is shorter than a month on the calendar, (which is 23.5 days) and a month on the caledar is 30-31 days.

Synchronous rotation is the speed it takes Earth to orbit once, while it being the equal speed of the moon's orbit.

waxing is when the visible surface of the moon increases, and waning is when the surface of the moon decreases. For example, to recognize these phases, remember that waxing is when the part of the moon is lit on the right side, and waning is the part lit up on the left side.

Moon Phases

Blue Moon

Synchronous rotation


Moons on different planets are very odd. Portia, which is a moon of Uranus, has a bumpy shape. Naiad, a moon of Neptune , Is too small to be a ball shape.

Moons on other planets

Moon phases are the stages in time when the moon has different appearances because of the illumination of the sun and where the moon is located. They occur because the Earth and moon are always moving. When the moon moves and changes locations, the Sun lights up different parts of the moon. These are phases.

Moon Phases



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