[2015] Taylor Carter: Moon Over Manifest

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[2015] Taylor Carter: Moon Over Manifest

This is a story of an eleven-year-old girl named Abilene Tucker who is sent to a small town by the name of Manifest by her father for the summer. He sends her to stay with an old friend of his named Shady. While she's there, she has an becomes friends with Lettie and Ruthanne. Together they look for traces of a spy named the Rattler. She also spends time doing tasks for Miss Sadie a fortune-teller because she broke something of hers. While she works, Miss Sadie tells her stories about the town's past. She tells her stories of Jinx and Ned, two boys that were friends during World War II. She continues to dig into the past and find her father. Eventually, her father, Gideon, comes back and the story ends.

Moon Over Manifest

In our opinion we didn't like the book. This historical fiction genre didn't interest us much. It was boring and slow-paced, not very enjoyable. There wasn't a lot of action in it. Half the story was about people in a different time period and it was also confusing. Jinx died, but he grew up and had Abilene? That must mean half of the story was true and half wasn't. When she met up with Gideon, it was anticlimatic. It should've had a surprise or plot twist.


Abilene-Independent,adventorous & sympathetic.Gideon/Jinx-caring,blameful & loving.Shady-calm,caringNed-confident,cheerulMrs.Sadie-spirtual,intelligentHattie Mae-Fun,positive,joyfulSister Redempta-knowledgable,secretive,clever


Moon Over Manifest takes place in a town called Manifest in the summer of 1936.

RECOMMENDATIONWe would not recommend this book to anyone. It was boring and slow-placed. It didn't grab our attention.

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AUTHORClare Vanderpool



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