Moon Bounce, (Assignment), Planet amd Astronomy

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Moon Bounce, (Assignment), Planet amd Astronomy

1)Dysnomia is the only known moon to the dwarf planet eris.2)It was discovered in September 10,2005 by Mike Brown and the laser guide star adaptive optics team.3)Dysnomia was found 4.43 fainter than Eris.4)Its diameter is estimated to be between 350 and 490km.5)Eris and Dysnomia were known informally as "Xena" and "Gabrielle".6)You cant see Dysnomia with a regular telescope because its 60 times fainter (Mike Brown discovered it was really 60 times fainter).7)Dysnomia takes about 16 days to go around Eris.8)Dysnomia was named after the mythological daughter of Eris.9)Nobody is certain of how big Dysnomia is.10)It has a darker surface than Eris. Dysnomia is smaller than Earth's moon by just looking at it.Also Earth's moon takes less time to go around Earth than Dysnomia.

Moon Bounce


Get inspired


Choose a moon from a planet of your choice, other than Earth.Research the moon and note ten important details about the moon and what makes it special.Then create a poster or Glogster to display the information about the moon and how it is similar and different to our moon.



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