Mood In Poetry

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Mood In Poetry

Steps to Interpret Mood: 1. Read the poem and visualize2. In the margins, jot down images and feelings3. Underline Descriptive words (adjectives, adverbs)4. Decide what the overall feeling is5. Choose a vivid “mood word”6. Dramatic reading test

Interpret Mood:Poetry

Imagery Example 1

Different types of moodsThere are many moods that you can interpret. A poem could be sad, happy, loving, hateful, or depressed. *See mood word list with visuals

To interpret means to explain the meaning of something. There are many different ways to interpret poetry. We can interpret the poem for mood, imagery, theme, symbolism and much more. Today, we are focusing on interpreting the poem for mood. Interpret has multiple meanings. It can also mean translating into another language. The meaning we are focusing on today is explaining what the poem means: Explaining the mood of the poem.*Click on the paperclip to check out the 5 steps to interpret mood.

Phrase: Interpret the Poem

Mood is the emotion or feeling that a reader gets from the poem.Synonyms: feeling, emotionMultiple meanings: how you are feeling right now.

"The green waves crash, cooling the white hot sand squished between my toes."

ImageryWords that make a movie or picture in your mind. Uses all the five senses to create an image.

"The dark, cold night and icy snow crunch, while twinkling snowflakes are falling."

Imagery Example 2

Mood List

A feeling of unhappiness, gloominess, or sadness. A person can be depressed, but we can also say that a poem has a depressed mood because of its imagery, the way nature is described, etc.


Nature can have a depressed feeling

Just like us, different poems express different moods!

What do you think the mood is?My dayIs ash greyThe night is too longThese words are wrongThere’s nothing good to say…As I lay down to restNo dreams come, it’s for the best…Daylight comes, boredom tooWhy’d I bother to get up so soon?Could this be a better day?



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