[2015] Leah Perez (Sem 2 LoCelso Geo Pd 3): Montreal - Leah

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[2015] Leah Perez (Sem 2 LoCelso Geo Pd 3): Montreal - Leah

Montreal, Quebec

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Thinking of visitng Montreal?

Montreal is a spectacular city that perfectly combines the old with the new. As you stroll through the streets, you can see its historic past and also be amazed by the modern touch of over 80 ethnic groups inhabiting Montreal.

Dine in some of Montreal's oldest authentic restaurants or hit hot, new, local joints!


Explore Montreal's tourist attractions! Visit the world famous Notre Dame Basilica, walk through the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal, or hike up Mont Royal and enjoy the breathtaking view!



Montreal has so much to offer! Among eating and exploring, enjoy a bike tour along the St. Lawrence River, see the beautiful botanical gardens, witness the funky street art, and be part of the many festivals happening all year long!


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    Fantastic poster. Very well done. Great food choice by the way. The poutine you included is from Montreal Poutine in Old Montreal which is the best poutine I've ever had :)