Montgomery County New York

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Montgomery County New York

Total Population 50,21951% females / 49% males16.3% live below the poverty levelunemployment rate 8.7%16.4% hold a Bachelor's Degree89.6% have health insurance (Montgomery County, 2015)


ReferencesClark, M. J. (2008). Community health nursing: Advocacy for population health (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall.Kappeler, E. M. (2015). Adolescent health and teen pregnancy in the United States: a progress report. Public Health Reports (Washington, D.C.: 1974), 130(3), 196-198. Retrieved from: County. (2015). Community Health Needs Assessment. Retrieved from: Mary's Healthcare. (2013). Children's Services. Retrieved from:

High rates of the the following across the county:Heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.Self- inflicted injuries.Unintended pregnancies.Low vaccination rates in children (Montgomery County, 2015)

There are approximately 42 million teenagers in the U.S. A survey conducted back in 2013 suggested that many of them are still engaging in risky sexual behaviors that lead to unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases (Kappeler, 2015). A CHN can promote awareness of underage pregnancy prevention by providing educational programs and materials in settings such as schools, clinics, churches, and facilities where teens typically gather. The information provided will be designed to educate teens on abstaining from sex and the use of contraceptives to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The CHN can also offer to link these teens to the Montgomery County Planned Parenthood (Montgomery County, 2015) where the following services are offered: Birth controlHIV testingMen’s health care Pregnancy testing and services STD testing, treatment, vaccines Women’s health care.Teen pregnancy can impact future educational opportunities, income potential, and health behaviors (Kappeler, 2015).One of the best ways to promote the health of adolescents is to make sure they have access to healthcare (Clark, 2008).

Adolescent Pregnancy Rate per 1,000 Females – Ages 15-17MontgomeryCounty rate ( hiigher than any other county in the region = 26.9Regional rate = 20.2TotalNew York State rate = 31.1 Hispanic rate the highest at 67% (Montgomery County, 2015)

Located in northeastern New York. Predominantly rural area with limited resources (healthcare providers, full service grocery stores, and exercise facilities)Climate limits outdoor activites in winter months (Montgomery County, 2015)

Adolescent Pregnancy

Montgomery County New York

Health Statistics


The Plan

1. Create a brochure that can be left in various locations that would include educational information on pregnancy prevention.2. Conduct a health fair where the same information could be shared. Use the brochure to also create poster size presentation tools. 3. Utilize tools that teens resort to for information such as social media. 4. Post the educational information on the county public health page.5.Survey parents in the community to determine how many are uninsured.6.Promote the use of the healthcare exchange by offering assistance with enrollment at a health fair.

Pediatric Mental Health PopulationI chose this subset of people in our region due to the increasing numbers of pediatric patients we are treating in our Emergency Department with mental illness. Currently the needs of this population are not being met. The amount of regional facilities that provide inpatient care are diminishing rapidly. It is not uncommon to have a pediatric mental health patient stay in our Emergency department for several days while we seek an inpatient facility that has capacity to provide the care that is needed. Unfortunately we are told that funding continues to be cut for these types of services so the need will become even greater as facilites struggle to remain open to serve.

Vulnerable Population

St. Marys Healthcare offers the following services for Children's Mental Health Needs:Children's Clinic - where children and their familes can obtain outpatient counseling for mental health disordersIntensive Case management services in the community to avoid out of home placement.School based outpatient services- counseling is provided right in the school setting in hopes to avoid inpatient treatment (St. Mary's Healthcare, 2013).




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