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Social Studies
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Who: Charles-Louis de Secondat, Baron de La Brède and de MontesquieuWhat: A french political philoshper When: January 18, 1689 - February 10, 175Where: France Why: He lived during the age of Enlightment and made important contributions such as that of the idea of the separation of powers.

Significance Montesquieu was an extordinary political philospher of the enlightenment period. His work was an tremendous influence on the function for governments, giving a new and fresh view and ideas for systems of government that deviated from the classical. He also came up with the idea of separation of powers which can be seen to be reflected in our own country’s government and others around the world. Besides the separation of powers, he also was an inspiration towards the creation of England’s declaration of the rights of man and the U.S. constitution. His work not only was philosophy, but a legacy for the generations to come.

(To the left) The Perisan letters (Also primary source) They were recounting the experiences of two Persian noblemen who are traveling through France.

The spirit of the laws is a treatise on political theory that was written by Montesquieu

When it comes to separation of powers..... talk to Montesquieu


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