Monterey Bay Aquarim

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Monterey Bay Aquarim

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Sea Otters cam hold their breath for up to five minutes!

This jellyfish will eat itself if it is starving and it has no food.

This octopus is bioluminecsent, which means it glows.

Penguin parents take turns guarding and keeping the egg warm.

Turtles hiss or bite when threatened.

On Thursday, Februrary 26th, my class visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I was Akshaya's partner. We saw sharks, fish, penguins, eels, and turtles. The turtles bumped into the side of their glass tank. I was afraid the glass would break! We also touched several manta rays. They were slimy and constantly moved around. After lunch, we watched sea otters doing cool tricks. One did a backflip into the water. We also saw a penguin sitting on an egg.My favorite part was observing the giant octopus bending its tentacles several direcctions. This was the best field trip ever!

Puffins can hold up to 10 fish in their beaks per trip.


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