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World Languages

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SuperpowerHe can become invisible only turning his head around his neck.

DescriptionHe has got big feet and one big eye in the middle of his head. His body is as huge as an ice cream truck. He has got longer hair than his best friend, Yeti, and has a very long black beard.

It's a monster of the of our secundary school, Yunulu. Yunulu lives in the school's pantry, because the pantry's very big and he can live in that without any problem. He steals students' or teachers' things or, simply, weathever he thinks value


He gets up early in the morning and he goes to the river. He brings two empty barrels and fill them using the river's water. He returns to school at eight o'clock, when the teachers won't see it. When the students live the classrooms, he setals all things what he thinks useful; the things he thinks useless, he throws through the window.

He likes pinaple and the vegetables, but he doesn't like the meet, so he steals some food from the pranty

He's quiet fat, but he less fatter than Yeti. He has got short legs. He's as big as Yeti. However, he has got the longest arms in the world. His arms are as long as his belly plus his half leg. He has got long nails



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