Monster Mystery

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Monster Mystery

The frilled lizard is not dangerous it has no venom of posion. But it can give you a nasty bite so wear gloves when handling the lizard.

The frilled lizards frill is a defense wepon use dto make it self look bigger.

the frilled lizard is not monster the frill makes it look bigger and surprises some people but other than than its just a harmless lizard.

Frilled lizards eat only bugs, insects, and spiders. Also they life in the contenent of australlia or in the desserts of america.

Their predators of the frilled lizard include road runners, rattlesnakes, and owls. They have a frill that gives them their name it also provides defense from the predators and people.

A frilled lizard on a rock.

A predator of the frilled lizard is the roadrunner

the frilled lizard is a reptile its the monster that has been seen near school. It has a clutch of 28 eggs. It is a ectotherm. Its A 3 ft long lizard that has a frill it can be different from the area its in. It breaths through lungs like you and me. Its type of reproduction is internal. It lives in the hot regions of australias outback.

Amphibian,Monster, or Reptile

The frilled lizard is not a monsterIt is an awesome lizard that is adapted for living in the outback.Also with that frill its a sight most people will never forget so please if this animal is impresive to you protect all the animals in the world if you want to keep all animals from going extinct.

By: Nathan Allen


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