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Monster By Walter Dean Myers

MonsterBY:Walter Dean Myers

"O'brien'How sre you doing?' Steve ' I'm scared' O'brien ' Good you shpould be'"(Myers,13). My feelings towards this is very depressing because I can only imagine how terrifying it must be having to be on trial for murder when you are 16 years old. Also the fact that Steve is in jail is horrible because who knows what horrible things happen in there. People getting beaten up, and raped in every place you turn to look at. I know that there would be some people that think that Steve should have been in jail, but I am not one of those people because he is a good person at heart, and I feel that Steve isn't capable of taking part in a robbery and murder, which is what he is being charged for. On the other hand this was also a very eye opening book because it made you see that sometimes people judge you on your physical appearance. If you imagine what Steve might have saw in the court room then you might see him being judged because of his color of skin, but also of where he came from. Monster was what he was called, as I said before, and the first impression of him are the reason why people saw him as that. " Every morning I wake up and I'm surprised to be here. If you life outside was real, then everything in here is just the opposite. We sleep with strangers, wake up with strangers, and go to bathrooms infront of strangers"(Myers,2).

The U.S. justice system was a very important in this story because it served Steve for his own benefits. This worked out for him because at the end he wasn't charged for any crimes, and was let go as if he didn't play a part in the robbery which I think that he wasn't a part of. The U.S. justice system helped in many ways, for example this put the right people in jail, but it also taught Steve what was the consequence of hanging out with the wrong people. Steve is a good person, and I feel that someone shouldn't be charged for murder when they didn't even know that was going on as Steve expressed. We all know that he had, had a past history of hanging out with the wrong people, but there was no proof that he took a part in the crime, and this could have just been a coincidence. "Two guards begin to put handcuffs on James King as color changes to black and white. It is clear that the jury has found him guilty. We see King being taken from the courtroom"(Myers,276).

Trust is an important thing to have from your friends, and family. During Steve's trial people thought that he was guilty because of who he was, but also because of who he hanged out with. A monster is what he called himself, but it was also what others had thought had become of him. He lost the trust of many people like his dad and lawyer, and in the eyes of the jury all they saw was a black person being charger for felony murder for hanging out with the wrong people. Trust is a very important thing to have in other's, and when you lose it, it is had to get back. "Steve' You think that we're going to win?' O'Brien (seriously) ' It probably depends on what you mean by 'win' "(Myers, 13).

By losing trust in other's Steve became scared of what could happen because of what might become of him if he's charged guilty. He wanted to not be guilty so that he wouldn't have to go back to jail because he had heard the stories about what goes on in there. There would always be someone that would be getting beaten up, but also there is other people that would get raped by their roommates or other inmates. As a result, this made him realize that jail is not a place to be, and by winning the trust of the jury then he wouldn't have to do time. If he wouldn't have won the jury over then he might of lost his case, then he could be the one getting beaten up in the middle of the night. "The best time to cry is at night when the lights are out and someone is being beaten up and screaming for help. That way even if you sniffle a little they won't hear you"(Myers,1).



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