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Monster by Walter Dean Myers

MonsterBy: Walter Dean MyersGlog by Max Stockton

Journey - Don't Stop Believin'

Plot SummarySteve Harmon is introduced and he is the main character who is on trial for assisted murder. He is very scared and decides to start writing a movie screenplay of his life in prison. Some other characters are introduced like James King and Richard “Bobo” Evans (the other two that are involved with the crime), Sandra Petrocelli the persecutor and Kathy O'Brien the attorney of the defendant, Steve. The setting and theme of the crime is introduced, drug store in Harlem NY. The trial is happening and Steve is scared of what is going to happen. Steve is unsure about whether he actually is a monster or not and he is battling internally with himself about this throughout the novel. Towards the end of the trial Miss O'Brien and Sandra Petrocelli the persecutor make their final remarks. Steve is waiting patiently and scared for the outcome. The jurors make their decision and and they conclude that Steve is innocent and that James King is guilty. Steve and his family congratulate him as he is innocent and doesn't need to worry about any jail time anymore.

Theme One of the main themes in the novel Monster is perseverance. This is shown throughout the novel as Steve is faced with a difficult situation and he has to persevere and not give up in order to possibly come out innocent and get his life back. Steve acurately demonstrates perseverence although at some times it is difficult for him.

QuotesOne of the most important quotes from Kathy O’Brien is “You’re young, you’re Black and you’re on trial. What else do they need to know?” (Myers, 79) This quote is just reminding us of the assumptions the jurors are probably making about Steve Harmon. First he is young, people think that young people are less responsible and thus more likely to commit a crime. Second, he is black, some people still have racial feelings about certain people, like black people are more dangerous or more likely to be guilty. And finally, he is on trial, you would assume that he is on trial for a reason, why would a good prosecutor say that someone innocent is guilty, they have no reason to, but all this makes it even more difficult for Steve to not give up and persevere even though he doesn't. Another quote from Kathy O’Brien is “If you give up, they’ll give up on you.” (Myers, 99) this shows the importance of Steve staying positive and not giving up because or else the jurors could give up on him and say he is guilty. This final quote is from Kathy O'Brien again, she says “You have to believe in yourself if we’re going to convince a jury that you’re innocent” again this inforces the idea that for Steve to win the trial he must remain positive and believe in himself.

This song relates to the theme because the theme of the novel is perseverence and this song is all about perseverence and not givivng up. In the novel Steve can't stop believing that he is innocent or else he might give up and forget who he really is.

Three literary devices used in this novel are foreshadowing, because in some of the flashbacks there are certain things that point to the situation that Steve will end up in. Another is the use of metaphors when refering to Steve as a "monster". And finally the last literary device used is characterization, it used when creating the story of Steve and how he battles his inner "monster".


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