Monsignor James Horan

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Monsignor James Horan

He was born in Pantry in 1929.He trained to be a priest in Maynooth.He was odained in 1936.He worked in Glasgow,Galway, Tooreen, Cloonfad and finally Knock.In 1963 he is moved to Knock.He is sometimes call 'the builder of Knock'.This is because built two Churches on the ground for the Papal visit of Pope John Paul 11 in 1979. He also did a complete refurishment of the grounds for the visit.In 1979, the day after the Pope visited Horan started plans to build an airport.Horan international airport was opened in 1986 - Later renamed Ireland West Airport Knock!He died a few months later while in Lourdes.


1944- Fr. Horan(he was Father at the time) moved to Tooreen 1946 - Opened the Post Office in Tooreen1949- Went to America to raise funds for Dance Hall.March1951 - Excavations for hall began.April 1951 - Building began.24th of October 1951 - The first dance was held.1959 - He was transfered out of Tooreen.

Horan is famous for three main things:The devil appearing in his dance hall in Tooreen.Building the Churches in Knock and the Popes visit.Proving doubters wrong when he built the airport in a 'foggy, boggy site' in Mayo.

Lasting Impact

Without Monsignor Horan we might never have got a hall as useful or as beloved as we do today.

MonsignorJames Horan


Timeline of time in Tooreen

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Its all Lies(apparently)Monsignor Horan reportedly denied that the devil appeared in the dance hall!! He said it was jealous people making up stories in order to stop people going to his dances and go to theirs instead!!!


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