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Social Studies
World War I

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What Was It's Purpose?

Who Invented It?

How Effective Was It?

My Prediction

What I think will happen?

How Did It Impact the World?

Story From the War

1. Fighter Plane2. Observation and Spying 3. Tactical and Strategic Bombing

"…this is no longer, from a military point of view, an inaccessible island."

Dutch engineer Anthony Fokker developed the Fokker Eindecker in Germany in April of 1915.

In the prelude to the Battle of Tannenberg, General Alexander Samsonov was to tragically ignore warnings provided by his pilots. Field Marshal von Hindenburg did not. Almost all of Samsonov's army was either killed or captured. Samsonov committed suicide. After the stupendous German victory von Hindenburg acknowledged that "without airmen there would have been no Tannenberg."

Many of the aircraft in 1914 were of "pusher" layout. This is the same configuration that the Wright brothers used, where the propeller faced backwards and pushed the aircraft forward. The alternative layout, where the propeller faces forwards and pulls the aircraft, was called a "tractor" design. It provided better performance, but in 1914 visibility was deemed more important than speed.

How Did It Change During the War?

The monoplane was the predecessor of the modern day fighter jet.



It was the first aircraft to be fitted with synchronizer gear, enabling the pilot to fire a machine gun through the arc of the propeller without striking the blades. It could also fly faster than a biplane equipped with the same type of engine. During the war France produced no less than 68,000 aircraft. 52,000 of them were lost in battle, a horrendous loss rate of 77%.

Monoplane from WWII


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