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No monkeying around.Monkeys live in jungles and they are qute and thay are smart. Some monkey, s are so smart thay can open bananas,and learn sighn language you may be woundering why are monkeys so intelagent its because, thay have a smart brain like us and thay have hafe the size of are brains. Monkeys are dieing because, of us we are polluting there air,water,andwe are cuting down there trees but scientist are trying there very best to find other ways for driving,and giting paper and you may be woundering what you can do to help well you can study about animals or learn about natoure and other stuff too.Another thang you may be woundering about were do thay live? well thay live in a pack and thay always stay together because, there`s tigers,lians,and others thats why thay staytogether another reson why is because thay need wormth so thay don't freeze to now you see monkeys are very cool animales so next time you see a monkey you can see it your self.


By: Zac Martin

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