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monkeys are cool

The Capuchin Monkey

Diet:the capuchin monkey, who lives in the forest trees of south america, is the most intellegant new world monkey. they have a diet of 60% fruit and also other things such as insects,small birds,palm nuts, squirrels and even smaller monkeys. They eat in a squatting position on the tree tops.

Appearance: capuchin mokeys weigh about 5lbs. (2.2kg) and has a length of 30-56 cm. they have a prehensile tail;adapted to grap onto the branches and fruit. long agile finger; to scurry through the trees. has dark cap of black fur and bright, alert eyes. this monkey has a lot of colors in his fur, such as : black, brown, buff or whitish.

Name:genus:cebusfamily:cabideasubfamily:cabinaethe capuchin gets his name from the brown cap of fur on their head which resembles a franciscan monks cowl called "capuche". when the monks discovered the monkey they named it after themselves.

Habitat:the capuchin the most widely ranged new world monkey. you can find them in almost any south american rainforest climbing on the tree tops.they live in social groups of about 30 monkeys.

Enemies:this monkeys main predator is the harpy eagle but is also hunted by : jaguars,cougars,snakes,crocodiles etc.

Behavior:the whole day this animal searches for food. at night, they sleep in the trees. they are omnivores, diurnal and arboreal.

Locomotion:the monkey both locomotes on 2 and 4 legs. they swing, jump and climb from trees to move around their habitat quickly.

Adaption:This species developed robust jaws in order to eat larger fruits.Also, males defend their 200 acre territory by barking, howling and baring their teeth and distracting the predator while the troop flees.


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