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Social Studies

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Mongolia is one of the nomad countries in the world. Mongolians raise their five domestic animals (sheep, horse, cow,camel and goat). Mongolians see their horse as their best friend. Mongolian nomad people always follow their livestock.

Genghis Kahn was a Mongolian warrior and ruler. He created the largest empire in the world. The empire destroyed tribes in Northeats Asia. He married ta the age of 16 and died in 1227.

Genghis Kahn


The people lived in tent-like dwellings called yurts. They used materials st-hand such as animal fur and willow saplings. the yut has a single-room circular plan. A smoke hole was in the middle. the mongols lived in the yuts year round.


The Mongolian horse is theorized to be the founding stock for many other horse breeds in Asia. The exact origins of the Mongolian breed are hard to determine. Mongolian horses feature the largest genetic variety, meaning that it is a very archaic breed suffering little human induced slection.

Mongols were renowed as effective and terrifying battle tacticians. They got there skills by practicing in battles. Mongols relied on heavey on shcok tatics. eith fake wthdrawals, suprise attacks and pychologial warfare. They would charge with a brutal cavalry charge in battle.



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