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Social Studies

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EconomyMongolia's two major industries are construction and mining. Machinery/Equipment and fuel are two of their major imports. Major exports include copper and animal apparel. Mongolia trades frequently with China and Russia. Yolyn Am is a major tourist attraction that is a gorge and ice field in southern Mongolian mountains. The Gorkhi- Terelj National Park, another tourist attraction, is know for its tourist camps and Turtle Rock.

Major LanguagesKhalkha Mongol is spoken mainly in inner Mongolia. The Turkic language is spoken around the Orkhon River and western Mongolia.

Its PopulationMongolia's population is 2,953,190. Ulaanbaatar is a major city with a population of 1,089,358. Erdenet, another city in Mongolia, has a population of 83,379. Mongolia's third major city, Darkhan, is populated with 74,738 residents. Mongolians are very peaceful people, therefore, they do not have any major conflicts with other countries.

Major ReligionsMongolian's major religions are Buddhism, Islam and Shamanism. Buddhism is spread throughout Mongolia as it is its primary religion. The small amount of Muslims in Mongolia are located in the western portion of Mongolia. Shamanism is often practiced with Buddhism so it is also spread throughout Mongolia.

Stage 3: Moderate Growth

Its Folk CulturesNomads, Mongolia's primary folk culture(half of the pop.), exist in the many plains of Mongolia. Nomads only have one art form, the long song. Nomads, unlike average Mongolians, wear American style clothes that are comfortable to work with animals.. Mongolians make simple dishes that are mainly meat with no spices. Nomads are not influenced by pop culture. They live away from city life, and only consern themselves with their animals. Nomads regularly move so they never get influenced by other people's culture.

Pop Culture InfluencesMongolians stick to a traditional way of life. The only fast food they have is sold in the largest city, and is American. Mongolians make a lot of art, especially, if it relates to their religion. They also make a lot of musical instruments. They wear traditional clothing. Both men and women wear a del, a silk wrap.


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