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Social Studies

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Current Flag of Mongolia

Map of Mongolia

LocationRelative: North of China, South of RussiaAbsolute: Lo: 47* 55' NorthLa: 106* 53' East

National Anthem

Geographical FeaturesGobi- Is one of the greatest deserts covering most of Southern Mongolia. The tempreatures in the Gobi range from 40+ Celsius in summer to -40 in the winter. It is home to the famous two hump camels.Uvs Lake- It is the largest lake in Mongolia covering 3350 km at 759 meter elevstionOrkhon River- Longest river in Mongolia stretching 1124 km.

Video of Mongolia

Lake Uvs in Mongolia

GovernmentThe government of Mongolia is Parliamentary Republic. Where the citzens electe the President, Deputees, and Prime Minsters.

EconomyMongolia builds its economy through herding and agriculture.The country also produces: coal, copper, tin and gold.

Gobi strechinging through China and Mongolia

Ulan Bator the capitol of Mongolia

Gobi strechinging through China and Mongolia

ClimateThe climate of most of Mongolia is Steppe. Mongolia recieves 20-35 centimeters of percipitation every year

Photo of Mongolia


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