Mongol Mania

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Mongol Mania

FestivalsAt festivals, Mongols would most likely be celebrating important events like the Mongol New Year mainly with wrestling and horse-racing.Tsagaan Sar was the most important festival, the New Year festival. For very wrestler, they would give them each a separate name for their strengths such as Titan (average), Lion (arslan), Zaan, and Falcon. On national festivals, they would horse-race where the distances would range from 15-30 km.Some of their famous festivals are the Ice Festival, Thousand Camel Festival, Tsagaan Sar. Women’s Day, Nauryz, Children’s Day, Naadam Festival, Horse Festival/Gobi Nadaam, Eagle Festival, Nomad’s Day Festival, and Independence Day.


Mongol WeaponryMongol Warriors were fierce warriors that could fire while riding their horses, or while hanging from the saddle of the horse. Their main weapon was the bow and arrow. For any close combat, they would use Mongol Sabers. In battle, they’d use horses, horses could reach up to 100 miles per day, reaching their enemy quickly. On their horses, they had saddles which had a snug, a high fit which would support the warrior as they fired behind them.

Mongol ClothingMongols wore dels, a wrap that looks much like a dress tied around the waist. The del was usually woven with silk and frequently delivered from China. Both genders would wear jewelry made of bronze and gold. Mongols would spend a lot of their time making hats/head-dresses, they would decorate them with fur, and other colorful materials. They’d also wear boots, their boots were upturned at the toes and were flat and thick making it extremely hard to walk.



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