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mongol kids

Mongol Children

Clothes MongolsKids wear traditinal Mongolian clothes. boys wear an everyday robe such as the one in the picture on the left. Girls wear a very simular thing.

ClothesAustraliaAustralian Kids wear just normal clothes like jeans, shorts or for girls a cute dress or skirt and a top with or without a jumper.

Toys MongolsPuzzles, games such; as Archery, horse racing, wrestling and guessing games are very popular. Kids used bones in many games they played such as; used them as targets and used in guessing games.

Toys Australia Most kids now play video and computers games. no one really goes out side anymore. if they do they would probably play puzzles and chasey.

Education MongolsMongolian education was controlled by the Buddhist monasteries. Tibetan was the lanuage they were taught in. High levels of eduation was available in the major monasteries.

EducationAustraliaAustralian Kids education is good as they are sent to school from the ages of 5-18. You have to pay for all of it and can either have the choice of public or private school.

SimularitesI think the only simularites are that the kids play puzzles and that we get taught lots by our parents.

By Annabelle Dean 2015


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