Mongol Conquest War

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Mongol Conquest War

Events That Caused The War

Mongol Calverymen carried maces, lances with a hook and snare, sabers, a bow with arrows, sniew, and daggers.They used gunpowder as expolsives and also giant catapults to throw large rocks and other items.

When & Where

Results of the war

The Mongol Conquest War started in 1206. The Mongol Conquest ened in 1368, It occured in Asia and Europe.

Mongols conquered most of Eurasia, also the establishment of the Mongol Empire.

Mongol Conquest

Weapons Used In The War

Who was Involved

Major leaders in the war were Genghis Lenan, Ogedeo Khan, Guyok Khan, Kudai Khan, Toghan Temur Khan.

The First event that caused the war was Ecology or environmental factors, second was the trade disruptions, and lastly was because of Chinggis Khan's Personalism with his Shamic beliefs.


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