Money Madness!

by LizzieFDanner
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Money Madness!

Money Madness!!

Welcome to our interactive money glog! Explore each of the links to learn about where money comes from, how it is used, and how to determine correct amounts.

What is money exactly? Where does it come from and why is it the accepted form of payment in our society? Click HERE and watch this video that explains the origins of money and why it is used.

We know that money is used to buy things that you need or want. Money comes in the form of bills and coins. Let's start by learning the values of different coins and bills. Click HERE to participate in an interactive lesson that will teach you about the values of coins and bills and how to properly sort them to create different amounts of money.

Click HERE to watch a musical video that explains the value and importance of coins in the form of a song.

More Practice! Visit the following website to practice your newfound knowledge by playing money sorting and counting games! Play as many games as you want until you feel confident in your money counting abilities.


Additional sources for further research:Youtube Biz Kids episode "How do you get money?": Making change interactive game:



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