Monday with a Mad Genius

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by JThornberg
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Monday with a Mad Genius

Monday with a Mad Genius

Jack and Annie are on a mission to save Merlin from his sorrows. They are sent to find the second of four secrets of happiness, Jack and Annie travel back in the magic tree house to the period known as the Renaissance. This time, Jack and Annie will need more than a research book and a magic wand. They will need help from one of the greatest minds of all time, Leonardo da Vinci.

Leonardo da Vinci

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Renaissance Music

Florence, Italy

Jack turned to see a tall man in a purple cloak and floppy blue cap. The man had a long nose, bright kind eyes, heavy eyebrows, and a flowing beard. This man was Leonardo da Vinci.

Leonardo took Jack and Annie to be his apprentice. The Great Council said that Leonardo was hired to paint a fresco in the council hall.

Leonardo took Jack and Annie to a steep hill outside the city walls. He wanted to show them his ''Great Bird'' which was actually his famous flying machine.

Leonardo took flight in his flying machine. He made wings for Jack and Annie so that they could fly with him.


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