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Chemical Elements

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Elemental WarfareDuring World War 1, the British used magnese plates to armor their tanks but that proved inaffective against the higher protected, faster, more powerful tank plated with molybdenum. And the demand for this metal spiked during World War 2 when the Germans were trying to create the next generation of weaponry. They were building cannons that fired 16 inch balls of steel that weighed a ton each, but whenever shots were fired, the cannon would melt because of the extreme heat. So the germans reinforced the cannon with molybdenum, which has a melting point of 4,750 degrees Farenheit. This element became a crucial part in the German's War.

My First TimeThe first time this element was conciously used was in the 1400s by a master swordsman in Japan. His sword would constantly break in battle, so he decided to strengthen his sword with this unknown metal he found. (As depicted in the Dissapearing Spoon by Sam Kean

DISCOVERYIn 1742, Carl Wilhelm Scheele made several dicsoveries about this element before any other scientist, so he was given credit of the discovery of molybdenum.

Atomic Mass= 95.94


Element 42 (Mo)


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