Mollyann's Simple Machines

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Mollyann's Simple Machines

A Pulley is a fastener that exerts a large amount of force to hold objects together. A large thin wedge wrapped around a shaft in a spiral.

Simple Machines


A Screw is an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder.

A Wedge is a 3D object that exerts a force to spread material apart as it is forced onto the material.

A Wheel & Axle has two different parts. The axle goes into the wheel and causes the wheel to turn.

An Inclined Plane is a 2D tilted surface that allows a resistance load to be moved from a lower position to a higher position with less effort.

A Lever is a rigid bar that is free to turn about a fixed point called a fulcrum.

Mechanical work is when a force acts on an object to move it in a direction parallel to the force vector. W=F•d

The importance of simple machines is to help and make situations easier for people to do.

Power is the rate of doing work. P=W/t

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