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Allie O'Connell-Bessie Smith: Bessie Smith was born into poverty. One day, she left home and joined a traveling show where she sang and became very famous. She later became addicted to alcohol and that ended her career. She sang many songs about poverty, which a lot of people could connect with. I liked Allie's presentation and learned a lot about Bessie Smith. I especially liked how she included two of Smith's songs on her glog. Olivia Gulian-Herbert Hoover: Herbert Hoover was born on August 10,1874. He was President during 1920s. Hoover won the election by many votes. When he actually became President, however, not everybody liked him. People believed that he led them into the Great Depression. I enjoyed Olivia's presentation. I like how she included one of his speech's on her glog. It made the glog interesting.Davey Hawthorne-Scott Joplin: Scott Joplin affected our lives today by creating many popular pieces of music like the Maple Leaf Rag, and the Entertainer. He also wrote a book and started a piano school. Davey's glog was terrific and I learned a lot about Scott Joplin. Chance Martin-Babe Ruth: Babe Ruth's childhood wasn't the best. Babe was a very mischevious child. He was caught taunting the police and chewing tobacco. He was too much for his parents to handle so he was sent to an all boys, Christian boarding school. He later started to play baseball. He affects our lives because many people look up to him as a fantastic baseball player. I enjoyed Chance's glog. I especially liked the videos he included and the description of Babe Ruth. Cole Murphy-Prohibition: Prohibition prevented people from buying, selling, and drinking alcohol. Many religious groups and women's groups really pushed for Prohibition. The Mafia and gangsters wanted to make money off of the illegal sale of alcohol. When the government banned alcohol, instead of less violence, there was a lot more violence. Prohibition impacts us today because today we have a similar issue with marijuana. Some people argue that if banning things didn't work back then, why would it work now? Cole did a great job presenting. He rarely had to look up at the screen.Lily Smith-Ella Fitzgerald: Ella James Fitzerald was born in April of 1917. She had a very troubled childhood. When she was very young, her mom died. After her mom died, Ella started to sing. She was a great jazz singer. Her song "A-Tisket, A-Tasket" was the song that really got her career started. She was able to work with Louis Armstrong. Ella Fitzerald really impacted us because of her songs. Many of her songs are still sung today. They have also appeared in some movies. I enjoyed Lily's glog. I really liked how she had videos of Ella's songs. Jack Dailey-Ku Klux Klan: The Ku Klux Klan was one of the worst terrorist groups ever. The Ku Klux Klan discriminated against African Americans and homosexuals. Pretty much anyone who wasn't Christian and white was in danger of being hurt by them. The Ku Klux Klan thought that if your weren't white or Christian, you sholudn't be on this Earth. The Ku Klux Klan affects our lives today because, unfortunately, they are still around. They are still having meetings and they aren't afraid to show it. Jack did a great job presenting. I learned a lot of new information from his glog. Cara Wagner- Duke Ellington: Duke Ellington was a gifted piano player who brought about a new level and stlyle of piano playing. He had a band in Washington and he also played in night clubs in New York. Duke Ellington affects our lives today because his songs are still very well known. Cara's glog was really good. I liked how she had some of Duke's famous songs on her glog. Steven Zembruski-Rockets & Lie Detectors: Rockets were invented by Robert Goddard. Rockets were used as weapons in World War I. The first rocket flew 184 feet. The rocket's fuel source was oxygen and liquid fuel propulsion. The lie dectector was invented by John Larson in California. Police used the lie detector at their will. Police hooked you up to the lie detector and if your heart rate went up, or became really fast, the police knew you were lying. The rocket and lie detector have improved greatly since the 1920s. The rocket and lie detector affect our lives today because we still use rockets and lie detectors. The police now have new forms of lie detectors, but it's the same idea. Steven did a great job presenting. I learned a lot about rockets and lie detectors.Sig Snadberg- FBI: The FBI was founded by Charles Bonapate in 1908. FBI stands for Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI was founded to protect America from terrorist attacks and to protect our civil rights. The FBI affects our lives today becasue we still have the FBI; the FBI still serves to keep us safe. Sig did a great job presenting and he had a great glog. I learned a lot. MollyRigney-Pablo Picass and Charles Sheeler: Pablo Picasso affected our lives today because he was a great artisit who invented cubisum. He is also the reason we have modern and contemporary art today! Charles Sheeler was also a great artist who took the boring factory work and turned it into something very beautiful. He affected our lives today because he made us see how beautiful a factory can really be.

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