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Molly-Presentation Responses

John Sabito-Langston Hughes: Langston Hughes was born on February 1, 1902. Shortly afetr he was born, his parents separated. He then lived with his maternal grandmother. He published his first poem in 1921. Langston's poems and stories encouraged people to read. In his lifetime, he wrote more than 60 books, poems, novels, short stories, non-fiction works, children’s poetry, plays,musicals, operas, and autobiographies. Langston Hughes affects our lives today because he was a great writer who wrote about the lives of African Americans in the 1920s. Most of his poems are still read today. He inspired many writers and he gave voice to African Americans. He was also an important person during the Harlem Renaissance. I really enjoyed the presentation. I liked how John put some of Langston Hughes' poems on his glog. Kaylee Smith-Robert Frost: Robert Frost was born in March in 1874. Both of his parents were involved with literature. When his father died, Frost moved in with his grandparents. Robert Frost went to Harvard, but was bored in class. He and his son then became very ill. His son died, but Frost lived. When he was 87 years old, he wrote a poem for the Presidential inauguration of John F. Kennedy. Robert Frost was a great poet and we still read some of his poems in school today. I love how creative and colorful Kaylee's glog was. I learned a lot about Robert Frost. John Ives-Gangsters: Gangs were the first organized criminals that actually succeeded. They made plans to rob people and banks. They used brass knuckles and tommy guns. Three of the most violent gangsters were Machine Gun Kelly, Al Capone, and Benjamin Segal. After the gangs robbed something, they always had a guy with a get away car. Gangs have an affect on us today because today we are more cautious and we know how to handle gangs that arise. John did a great job presenting. I learned a lot about gangsters. Kyle Greenhut- Louis Armstrong: Louis Armstrong was born in Lousiana into a very poor family. He did a lot of bad things when he was growing up. He became a famous jazz singer. Two of his songs are "When the Saints Go Marching In" and "What a Wonderful World." A lot of his songs are still popular today. I liked how Kyle inculded some of Louis Armstrong's songs on his glog. It was entertaining.Mansur Wisaa-Al Capone: Al Capone was born in Brooklyn. In sixth grade, he left school and became a major gangster. During Prohibition, he made illegal, bootleg beer and sold it. He earned a lot of money from selling the beer. He was arrested for tax fraud (not paying taxes). He was first put into Cooke, a small jail, and then was sent to Alcatraz for eleven years. He lived a life of luxury in Alcatraz. He was the inspiration for many movies. Mansur's glog was very good. He did a great job presenting. Francesca Farruggio-Dance: Dancing was mainly used to takes people's mind off the war. Some of the popular dances of the time were the Tango, Square Dances, and the Charleston (fast pace). During the 1920s, they had dance classes and dance marathons. Ballet came about from dances in the 1920s. Dance in the 1920s impacts us today because some of the dance forms today, such as ballet, are the same as the dance forms of the 1920s. Francesca's glog was very interesting; I learned a lot about dance.Liz Buckley-Traffic Lights & Lie Detectors: In 1920s, people started making traffic lights and lie detectors. Traffic lights in the 1920s were more complex than they are today. They directed not only traffic, but they also directed people walking. Liz did a great job presenting. I loved the pictures of the different traffic lights and the lie detector. Hannah O'Grady-Henry Ford: Henry Ford was born July 30th, 1863. Henry Ford invented the Model T automobile, as well as the assembly line. Half of the cars across America were the Model T's. Henry Ford affects our lives today because today we have the Ford Motor Company, a very big, and important car comany. I loved the video on Hannah's glog, and also the way she incorporated the present day into the 1920s (present day Ford Motor Company). Caroline Tobin-Fashion: The war was finally over and people were happy and had new ideas. For example, Louise Brooks was the first person to have a bob haircut, which people still wear today. In the 1920s, corsets and flapper dresses were in style. Fashion from the 1920s affects us today because it taught us the importance of changing styles. I really like Caroline's glog. I especially enjoyed the pictures of the clothes.

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