Molly Pitcher

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Social Studies
American History

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Molly Pitcher

Molly Pitcher's Positive Impact On The American Revolution

Molly was caring and generous. She was caring because she got water for the soldiers on the hot day in battle. She just kept going back and forth to get them water and didn't take it for herself. She moved an injured man out of gun fire. She was very brave. Molly ran through the battle field dodging bullets and cannons to get the men water. When her husband got shot she checked his wond quick and manned his cannon.

Molly was a great soldier. She kept going and was determined. George Washington himself thanked her and gave her the rank of sergeant of the Continental Army. She made a difference in women history. They won the Battle of Trenton with her help. She became the sergeant of the Continental Army. She was a wonderful person. She was not selfish. She risked her life to get water for the soldiers so they wouldn't die of heat stroke. Molly moved a man out of gun fire.

"Well that could have been worse"

Molly Pitcher was caring, generous, brave, a great soldier, made a difference, and was a wonderful person. She helped the Continental Army win the Battle of Trenton.


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