molly electricity energy

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molly electricity energy

Bibliography for picture

Electricity is one of the most widely useful forms of energy. Also electricity is the flow of electrical power and change. Another thing about electricity is it's the secondary energy source.

Electricity itself is not renewable or non-renewable. Secondly, atoms are made up of electricity,and protons and electrons are made out of electrical charge. Thirdly, electricity is made with electrons that have been loose from thier atom.

Electricity is very useful. Electricity is used for arc lights for outdoor lighting . It is also used forl heating and cooling our homes as well as powering our family's televisions and computers.

I picked electrical energy because i love learning about lightning and technology.

Electrical Energy

Electricity is the most convenient form of energy to use in the home and in many areas of industry.

Bibliography for facts and ENERGY the book. Also I used Encyclopedia of Science.

Most light bulbs have a wire mounted in them.

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