Molly brown

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Molly brown

Molly's aunt taughther. She got an 8thgrade education and was 13 when she stopped school.


The amazing titanic survivor Margaret Tobin Brown

Molly wanted to move to Denver because people said that the prettiest girls lived on pennselvania street so she told her husband that as soon as they became rich that they would move to denver. J.J agreed because he did not think they would become rich. Soon they became rich and moved to a huge house on Pennsilvania Street. you can go see it now!

Molly was born onJuly 18,1867.She died of a braintumber on October 26,1932 she died in her sleep

The titanic sunk on April 15,1912 at 2:20 A.M. The Titanic tryed to go around an iceburg, but the bottem of the Titanic scraped the iceburg and the Titanic sunk that night.

Molly's favorite color was green.

Molly loved to read!

Molly's parents names were Jooana and John. She 2 brothers and 2 sisters.

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Molly had2 childern.She had a son ,named Larry,in1887. 2 years later she had a daguter.

J.J Died in 1922. He did not leave a will so Molly and her Childern batteled for his land.



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