Mollie C. Smith: ECT 510

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Mollie C. Smith: ECT 510

Laura NumeroffShe is a children's writer of over 20 books. Her books include titles such as If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and If You Give a Dog a Donut. She once illustrated her own books but now has an illustrator. Laura enjoys spending her free time relaxing, reading, and playing with her pets. As a writer, Laura used phrases that are easy for students to recognize. Laura has stuffed animals from her books that are commonly purchased for children. View information about Laura Numeroff, my favorite author, through this link: Click on Right Image: Popplet on Technology View at


ECT 510By: Mollie Catherine Smith

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1) Hear the Story of the Day that No Teachers Showed Up to School2) Hear the Story If You Give a Dog A Donut3) Enjoy an Informative Podcast