Moles Unit

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Moles Unit

Moles Unit

Remember your Grandma (GMA)

Empirical Formula: Percent to mass, Mass to mol, Divide by small, Multiply 'til whole.

Formula of a Hydrate:Type 1:1. % to grams2. grams to mols3. mol water/ mol compoundType 2:1. calc water lost2. grams to mols3. mol water/mol compd

Avogadro's Number: 6.02 x 10^23

Molar Conversions:1. Moles to Massmol x g/1 mol = mass2. Mass to Molgiven mass x mol/molar mass = mol3. Mol to Particlesmol x particles/1 mol= particles4. Particles to Grams particles x 1 mol/particles x g/1 mol= g5. Grams to Particlesgrams x 1 mol/g x Avagadro #/1 mol=Particles

3 Types of Particles:Formula Units (fun): go with ionic bondsMolecules (no abbreviation): go with covalent bondsAtoms (at): go with single elements

% Composition=mass of element/total mass of compound x 100

mole: (mol) measures amt of a substance; 6.02 x 10^23 particles

Always use Avogadro's Number when dealing with any particles!!

Remember...You will not be given formulas on the test!



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