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Mole Project

How Many Times Could a Mole of a 14 oz Bottle of Chocolate Milk Encircle the Moon?

This has helped me understand how large a mole is because, I had no idea that the number would be so high. I was so shocked to actually see the number.


I chose to answer this question because, I love Chocolate milk and I thought it would be an intresting number to see.

Brittany MoonPeriod 2

My Math0.11778 x 6.02 x 10 to the 23rd powerDivided by 38,000,000Equals 2.816726316 x 10 to the 15th power

A bottle of Nesquiks chocolate milk could encircle the moon 2.817 x 10 (to the 15th power) times.

Known: length of chocolate milkUnknown:Circumfrence of MoonSolving:How many times could a bottle of chocolate milk encircle the moon?Conversions to use:Avagadros number

SourcesPlait, P. (2011, February 24). How Far Away is the Moon? Retrieved January 11, 2015, from CreditsNasa



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