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This is a sculpture of a man dressed and sitting. It shows anger and determination on his face. It is made very determinedly.Michelangelo wanted to show the feeling of anger in the face and body of this man.

-Dimensions: 235 cm high-Year: 1515-Location: It’s part of the Tumba del Papa Julio ll- Artist’s name: Michelangelo


This is a sculpture of the Renaissance, in the Cinquecento, when the sculptors were very interested in anatomy and the perfection.Some people think that Moises is Papa Julio II, but other people think that is a symbol of the components of Nature.It was made because his patron commissioned he do the tomb of Pope Julius II

It was one of the most realistic artwork of Michelangelo.This sculpture was created in a realistic way.The figure give a sensation of movement and the posture is relaxed.It's well-proportioned and the clothes are realistically.

Context, symbolism, function and importance.


I like so much this sculpture because is very realistic and don't search the perfection with a beautiful face and gestures. Michelangelo could made an angry person so that seems really.

Personal opinion

Peope say that Michelangelo talked with his sculpture beause he though that it was a real person. The sculpture didn't answer to Michelangelo, so he thought that the sculpture was ignoring him.As a result, Michelangelo hit the sculpture with a hammer.


Details of the sculpture


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